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Doe's Angling Club Official Bailiffs

Chris Keely 07713 444309 (TEXT ONLY) - Welham Mere
Drew Gold 07926 222102 - Welham Mere
Graham Webber - Beeleigh & Twitty Fee
Dave Brock 01621 842134
TBA - Fruit Farm

Angling club bailiffs

Angling club bailiffs are legally ‘water keepers’. They don’t have any special legal powers. However, they do carry out the authority of their employer (although most are actually volunteers), which is the fishery owner or angling club to whom they report. The water keeper has the power to prevent the civil wrong of trespass.

When an angler breaks the fishery rules, such as using a bait or method not allowed as part of the permission granted with their fishing permit, then this makes the offending angler a trespasser in law. That’s why the wording used by fishery owners and angling clubs on their permits is important. It allows water keepers to check anglers’ permits, tackle and boxes.

What else do angling club bailiffs do?


Fish in distress

Angling club bailiffs are often the first to notice pollution or fish in distress in our waterways. Whether it’s a ‘light diesel rainbow sheen’ or something more serious that has killed or caused distress to fish, the club bailiffs, like any member of the public, should report the matter immediately to the relevant authorities.

  • In England, call the Environment Agency on 0800 807 060

  • In Wales, call Natural Resources Wales on 0300 065 3000

Where fish are clearly in distress, please contact us too, as it’s also our responsibility to rescue distressed fish on our waterways.

Illegal fishing methods

It’s a sad fact of life that there are criminals who fish illegally, perhaps for food or to sell for restocking in return for cash. With the average price of fish for restocking being around £8 per pound, the temptations are self-evident.

Vigilant angling club bailiffs report dozens, if not hundreds, of incidents of illegal 'fixed engines' each year. Water keepers, just like the public at large, should report any illegal fishing to the authorities on the above phone numbers.

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